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Oneplus 5 - Windows 10 - No USB connections -


When I connect my OP5 to my Windows 10 (Original and up to date), I get the message on the attached picture.
I don't get a prompt to install drivers and I don't get the driver install drive under "My Computer".
I tried in a total of 3 computers. Only one managed to show and install drivers. That one computer can transfer files but the warning is always up. In all 3 computers, after plugging my OP5 into the USB port, certain aspects of the computer freeze. I can't install or uninstall program nor can i reboot/shutdown pc, it always freezes. Tried all ports (and tried with other devices, they all work.
Tried with 3 different dash cables. Live chat summed up help was the statement: Your computer has issue
Is this a problem? Is it normal? 

Please help. 

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 

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