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New Diablo II LOD Mod Updates


[Fix] Shooting at mobs with ranged weapon doesnt hurt them but still get xp from them
[Fix] Finishing 2nd quest could claim reward infinitely
[Fix] 3rd quest goal item could be any type instead of specified
[Fix] Lightning Sentry skill could damage through walls
[Fix] In give item menu sometimes information about item doesn't fit and gets cut off
[Fix] Blizzard Sprites doesn't despawn
[Fix] Necromancer skill ( Bone Armor ) code
[Fix] Could shoot with mouse2 even when ranged weapon is not equiped
[Fix] Could kill lower mobs and they will count towards mob kill and before item drop kill higher level mob and get the item
[Update] Converted form File to MYSQL NPC Drognan market code
[Update] Can sell Pets at the Market
[Update] Changed Return Scroll craft requirements ( [Tier 1] Mob Essence x10 -> x5 )
[Update] Crafting gives you XP

[Update] New craft: Bolts of Thorns
[Update] Crossbow/Bow won't deal poison instead bolts will
[Update] New NPC Gheed the Gambler. You can buy Tokens for gold which are used for playing games, there are currently 3 games: Doubler, Spin the Wheel, Guess the Number. Upon winning you get Lucky Tokens which are used for exchanging them for a reward
[Update] Increased chest material limit ( 670 -> 1040 )
[Update] Added extra 1-2 Houndeye and Zombie to every map
[Update] Adjusted Charge Skill charge distance
[Update] Re-added Horadric Cubes. There are 3 in each map

[Update] Added 2 new exchange rewards to Gambler NPC: Chum Toad and Demon Ape Pets
[Update] Added 1 new Pet to Charsi NPC: Monoculus
[Update] Increased chest Pet limit ( 6 -> 21 )
[Update] Increased chest Item limit ( 50 -> 90 )
[Update] Increased chest Consumable limit ( 70 -> 153 )
[Update] Lowered max Gold amount in the Chest level requirement ( 99 -> 90 )
[Update] Lowered max Gold amount in the Inventory level requirement ( 99 -> 90 )
[Update] Added new Consumable ( No XP Scroll ). You, your Pet and party members won't get XP from you by killing mobs. You and your Pet won't get XP from other party members by killing mobs. XP disable will last on that character that you used and for entire map or until you relog
[Update] Added new Craft ( No XP Scroll )
[Fix] Adjusted Gambler NPC win rates

[Update] Adjusted prefix stats:
Legendary STR 259 -> 249 | VIT 244 -> 270 | ENE 224 -> 264 | LVL 95 -> 94
Maxy VIT 184 -> 254 | LVL 95 -> 94
Cosmic VIT 223 -> 249 | ENE 148 -> 260 | LVL 95 -> 94
Noxious VIT 259 -> 209
Golemlord's VIT 266 -> 206
Marshal's VIT 262 -> 162
Glacial VIT 235 -> 135
Terrene VIT 294 -> 194
Mnemonic VIT 292 -> 190
Priest's DMG 5 -> 103
Graverobber's VIT 264 -> 249
Hallowed VIT 15 -> 105 | ENE 23 -> 103
Hibernal VIT 226 -> 190
Natural VIT 174 -> 64
Condensing VIT 223 -> 123
Jeweler VIT 270 -> 230
Gaean VIT 263 -> 174 | ENE 174 -> 260
Arch-Angel's VIT 243 -> 200 | ENE 211 -> 171
[Update] Duplicate Master's Prefix ( LVL: 64, STR:89 ,DEX:135 ,VIT:174 ,ENE:174, DMG:103 ), renamed it to Sage's
[Update] Remaining time in Market showing incorrect value

[Update] Added link in the chat to view Character Stats ( M 5 ) in a Browser
[Update] Re-done quests. Now entire Act will be open and can be complete instead of one after another quest. Completing Act 1 quests will unlock Act 2 quests and so on
[Update] Backshields now have different skins ( depends on suffix )
[Update] Lowered XP amount for first 20 levels
[Update] Lowered every prefix STR/DEX by 20 that are equal or above Level 80
[Update] When depositing/withdrawing material/consumbles now it will show amount you have in the chest/inventory
[Fix] Mobs killed with ranged weapon didin't droped stuff
[Fix] Mobs killed with ranged weapon didin't added to mob kill ( tab )
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 [Update] Pets now give +10 Vitality and Energy every Pet level instead of +100 Vitality and Energy at Pet level 10
[Update] Added more info about an Item in the Market when buying it
[Update] After crafting an Item/Material/Pet/Consumable you'll be back at that craft menu instead at the start of craft list
[Update] Increased amount of time Item/Material/Pet is in the Market ( 3days -> 5days )
[Fix] Warcry / Freezing arrow skills freezing party members or when having a protection
[Fix] In trade menu the one who recieves trade request when selecting an Item shows AMMO instead of DURA
[Fix] When Pet level up id didn't gave +10 Vitality and Energy
[Fix] When having more than 1 Bolts and when that stack is equipped and runs out the stack splits with no loss ( 3 - > 2 and 1 ), ( 2 - > 1 and 1 )
[Fix] When increasing stats and not having enough stat points it closes menu
[Fix] Some grammar mistakes(edited)
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[Update] Added Side Quests. Now after level 5 every map you'll have a chance to get a quest from one of NPC's. Side Quests are Character based not an Account based ( like Main Quests ). You can accept or decline a quest and wait for another one. Accepting a quest you'll have to finish it until you can get another one and also after accepting you cant dismiss a quest. Side Quests are repeatable and random
[Update] Lowered Horadric Cube chance to get "Empty" reward
[Update] Lowered d2reward minimum Level requirement ( 30 -> 20 )
[Update] Adjusted XP Table ( now more linear and xp amount between levels gradual )
[Fix] Being in party and spectating gives you xp from party members
[Fix] give_gold couldn't give minimum amount ( 100 gold )
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[Update] Lowered Main Quest kill/craft requirements
[Update] Lowered Base STR/DEX multiplier by 0.1
[Update] Added Quest Dismiss option to Side Quests. Price will be 1000 Gold * Your Level
[Update] Added help information for new players. Commands: /help /info
[Fix] Ranged attacks don't fully kill Big Momma, Zombies
[Fix] Item info in Market to show correct data`
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[Update] Wings now have different skins ( depends on suffx )
[Update] Added more items sets to shop ( 25lvl and 50lvl )
[Update] Improved menu in Charsi (Blacksmith), Deckard (Indentifier), Akara (Healer) NPC's
[Update] Lowered Item breaking amount
[Update] Lowered Side Quest goal amounts
[Update] Changed Inventory Gold carrying Table (Now after 20lvl you'll be carrying 1m gold instead of 91lvl)
[Update] Changed Mana regeneration for classes. Now instead of every x seconds +1 mana it will be every 1s +x mana
[Update] Added Health regeneration +1hp every 1s
[Update] Lowered Side Quest Decline price by 3x
[Update] Re-done Main Quests. Instead of doing Main Quests you do Side Quests to get Quest Points that are used to complete Main Quests
[Update] Added Over Levels. After reaching 99lvl you continue to gain XP and every 10m you get Over Level. Over Levels gives you same amount of Skill and Stats Points as Normal Levels do.
[Update] Improved Prefix generation for when items are dropped. Now it should give less lower level Prefixes when you're a higher level.
[Update] Increased Range Damage of Suffixes from 1-60lvl by 10%
[Update] Added when selling/buying Materials you type the amount of Materials you want to buy/sell
[Update] Lowered some Craft material amounts
[Update] Increased Material drop rate from Mobs by 15-20%
[Update] Improved notification when Side Quest is available
[Update] Increase Inventory Material limit 130 -> 1,000 and Chest Material limit 1,040 ->12,000
[Update] Added 5 new Consumables
[Update] Added 21 new Materials
[Update] Added 18 new Crafts
[Update] Added Quest Points reward to Daily Rewards. From Day 3 you get Quest Points
[Update] New command /misc which shows misc information like ePoints, Quest Points, Account Status and so on
[Update] Added Buff Shrines. There are 3 different shrines on every map and each one of them gives different buffs for 5min.
       The more people there is around it the stronger the Buffs are. Each Shrine requires different offering. Each Shrine has a list of Buff 
       When offering is made in 30s player around it will be blessed with a Buff that will be picked randomly.
[Update] Re-done Market Sell Stuff menu. Also added Sell Consumables menu ( Can sell only Crafted / gained from quest Consumables )
[Fix] Fixed Party XP sharing not working
[Fix] When in Duel your Protection is turned off ( after leaving/wining/losing Duel you'll keep your Protection if you had it )
[Fix] Fixed text not fitting on Deckard when selling a lot of different Materials
[Fix] Fixed minor Item info in market 
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[UPDATE] Added 2 new Set Bonus types: Item Drop Rate, Material Drop Rate.
 Item Drop Rate means that lowers amount of mobs you need to kill for Item to drop ( e.x. if you need to kill 45 mobs and set shows 'Item Drop Rate: +5' then you will only will need to kill 40 mobs ).
 Material Drop Rate means that lowers random number amount for Material to drop ( e.x. if random number amount for x Material is 50 and set shows 'Material Drop Rate: +5' then random number amount will be 45 ).
 Sets that have new Bonus types: Item Drop Rate ( of Tiger, of Squid ), Material Drop Rate ( of Mind, of Sorcery ).
[UPDATE] Re-done ePoint Shop, added confirmation question when buying also made it so everyone could see it.
[UPDATE] Changed Graverobber's Prefix STR 121 -> 208, VIT 249 -> 230, ENE 244 -> 260.
[UPDATE] Changed Cosmic Prefix VIT 249 -> 255, ENE 260 -> 230.
[UPDATE] Changed Dun Prefix STR 173 -> 150.
[UPDATE] Added new skill Cloak of Shadows for Assassin. More info /d2info -> Classes -> Assassin
[UPDATE] Added option to Give Materials to another Player ( Must be VIP/ADMIN ) M 6 9 1.
[UPDATE] ncreased Artic Blast entity fly speed 500 -> 600
[UPDATE] Increased Feral Rage ru    n speed 50% -> 55%
[UPDATE] Increased Double Throw damage 310 -> 410
[UPDATE] Increased Meteor damage 200 -> 400 and fire damage 15 -> 20
[FIX] Fixed Market and /d2itemstats showing incorrect Item Stats 
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[UPDATE] Increased required material amount Page of Intelligence, Page of Luck, Page of Charisma from 1 to 2 for Pages of Willpower craft
[UPDATE] Increased required material amount Page of Strength, Page of Vitality, Page of Dexterity from 1 to 2 for Pages of Constitution craft
[UPDATE] Increased required material amount Pages of Willpower, Pages of Constitution from 1 to 2 for Book of Knowledge craft
[UPDATE] Gambler will sell only Pets and other Cosmetic Stuff ( Cosmetic Stuff will be added in the future )
[UPDATE] Increased Monster XP amount by 15%
[UPDATE] Lowered Monster kill quest objective amount and reward amount by ~25%
[UPDATE] Changed item farm Side Quests. Instead of "Farm x " it will be "Farm x " (e.g "Farm 3 Random Weapons" )
[UPDATE] Changed material craft Side Quests. Instead of crafting one of available material crafting recepies now you get random 1 of 2 ( "Random [Tier 2] Material", "[Tier 2] Pile of Mob Bones" )
[UPDATE] Changed consumable craft Side Quests. Instead of crafting one of available consumable crafting recepies it is slipt into 2 new side quests ( "Craft x Random Potion", "Craft x Random Scroll" )
[UPDATE] Lowered craft "[PET] Aurora" and "[PET] Grim Reaper" required "[Tier 3] Stack of Mob Bones" amount from 10 to 5
[UPDATE] Changed how much each Pet gives Vitality and Energy
[UPDATE] Added additional bonus that Pets gives ( only when Pet is Level 10 )
[UPDATE] Lowered every item Vitality by 25%, Energy by 50% and Block by 10%
[UPDATE] Lowered Main Quest Mystical Orb reward 100 -> 50
[UPDATE] Lowered Main Quest [Tier 1] Mob Essence reward 300 -> 250
[UPDATE] Lowered Main Quest reward (1m) Gold -> (800k) Gold
[UPDATE] Increased Main Quest Pet XP rewards (200k, 500k, 750k) -> (350k, 700k, 1m)
[UPDATE] Changed Main Quest (50) quest points reward -> (8) Orb of Wrath
[UPDATE] Changed Main Quest Graverobber's Backshield of Mending reward -> (25) Extreme Rejuvenation [+672HP/+924MP]
[UPDATE] Lowered every Monster respawn time by 3s
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