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New Diablo II LOD Mod Updates


From Add 5 Stat Points to Add X Stat Points (allows to add any amount of points to selected stat if you have enough stat points) 

Manhua recommendation: Tales of Demons and Gods
[Image: woowuslt.png]
[Image: vidme.png] 


New Market system and NPC Nihlathak ( used for Market )
Can sell Items and Materials which works online and offline
( you can put up for sale an item and disconnect, your item still be listed on market ).
Market slot limit is 10, with which character you put up for sale an item only with that you will be able to remove from market or collect gold for sold item. Items will be taken from Inventory, Materials from Chest, Maximum price when selling an item will depend on your characters maximum gold in a chest limit. If item/material isin't bought after 7 days it will be removed from market.
Gold for buying from market will be taken from Chest, receiving Gold for sold item will be put in Chest. 

Manhua recommendation: Tales of Demons and Gods
[Image: woowuslt.png]
[Image: vidme.png] 


 New look for My Stats ( M 3 ) motd window. 

 [Image: cdjJva7.png] 

 [Image: ML5csw9.png]
Manhua recommendation: Tales of Demons and Gods
[Image: woowuslt.png]
[Image: vidme.png] 


Quest System which has 27 quests
Quests saves on account (Name) and can be completed by any character.
Quest rewards can be: Gold, Xp, Items, Materials, ePoints.


Updated XP gain from mobs. Now you'll get XP by hitting a Mob not by killing it. XP amount depends on your DMG and left HP of a Mob. 
(e.g. Mob has 150 HP and total 50 XP, you deal 133 DMG and get 44 XP, next time you hit it you'll get rest of that total XP and that is 6 XP.
If you deal more DMG than Mob HP then you'll get total Mob XP and that is 50 XP).
This way multiple players can kill the same Mob and each gain XP from it. 

Updated skill so that it will be able to damage a Mob and you'll get XP (currently works on one skill "FireBall" for Sorceress).

Added Pets that follow you and give you stats. Pets can't be killed, you can walkthrough them, they have level system ( 1LVL adds 2 Stats of each type. XP gained from Mobs ( Your gained XP / 2 ) ). How to get them and what they give can be seen in the server by typing /d2info.

[Image: 5ymwULV.png]

[Image: xn9D8e1.png]

[Image: RQ93b5P.png]


Bows / Crossbows do damage Mobs.
[Image: cH0OSb6.gif]


Now stats/skill reset will require gold. Normal player  - 100k gold,  VIP/ADMIN - 50k gold
[Image: BFtwOQO.png]


When creating a character now you can choose a gender ( Male, Female ). Male model is still Work In Progress.

[Image: BbAHQ3h.png]


New models for potions
[Image: YvLzPjQ.png]

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